Wednesday, January 14, 2015

back on the BI

Working on site! I was by myself for the most part (Larry came and went) but it's all good. I was just photographing items and weighing them and measuring them. Not conversational work. This time around I am timing how long it takes to photograph and weigh and measure the items, so we can better calculate how to charge. It is fun being in on the start. I also started a new item spreadsheet so that we can work towards the most concise one to have to upload it to the store. Better and faster!

Had a nice drive in and back. Listened to podcasts and The Unbelieveable Truth and music. Had a nice day of it. I'm at home tomorrow researching the items I photographed. Working on more time estimates. Right now it's ~4 minutes of work per item.

At home I watched Broadchurch and Parks and Recreation and chilled.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. A week later is my birthday. I have no plans thus far.

ahhh I turn 27 in a week

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