Tuesday, January 13, 2015

oyster shell white

Had a good sleep in. I didn't set my alarm, so it was very solid. Normally I do set my alarm just to sort of pretend to keep my body at a time. Gotta get up early tomorrow to work on site, so that's a thing.

Dad made hashbrowns and eggs and toast for breakfast and I made myself a coffee. Yum nums. I helped haul up some oyster shells for the driveway so that some of the softer bits can get some traction, and also just so that it looks nice and you can see the path better in the dark.

Ma and Pa left when it was still light.

I couldn't find the car wash soap. Not a single bottle anywhere on site! Lots of other bottles of cleaning stuff, but no bubbly for cars! Still I got my car wet and wiped it down. Should help it not look so ridiculously dirty. And I cleaned the inside of the gas, which was long overdue to happen.

In the evening, I amassed more emails for the contact list. Got a good chunk of local stagers. Only scratched the surface of interior designers, but stagers are a priority and all that.

Gotta tuck in early. Gotta get up early.

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