Friday, January 16, 2015



Worked on site! With the boss. I helped organize shoes between good ones and worn ones. And I photographed two boxes and made notes for sale. It was a bit rainy but not cold. Had a good day at work. Afterwards I headed over to Suquamish where Aaron made pork in the crock pot with cheesey polenta. Yum yum, so good! And we played Pandemic! Good game.

Had an easy drive back, but got back late so I tucked in to bed.


Did a bit of design work from home and went and deposited by paycheck. And went back home and preordered a ticket to see Whiplash at the Starlight Room. It's a very small cozy theater venue. All chairs and sofas and things. I think only about 35 people are seatable there. Gotta preorder!

This late arrival couple couldn't find a seat together, so I traded mine so that they could be next to each other. I told them "I know how you kids like to hold hands" and they got a good laugh about that. And my new seat was a better one! The lady behind me complimented me on my immediate swap with the couple. No biggies, but I am bragging about how good of a person I am so err.

Whiplash, a movie about a jazz drummer and his sociopathic teacher, was AMAZING! Intense, beautiful, just great. Excellent talent and well filmed. Highly recommend it if you are in the mood for something excellent and intense.

And The Babadook and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night are coming to The Dragonfly. Stoked on that.

Got some errands for tomorrow. Weekend!

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Very good. Shocking.