Monday, January 12, 2015



Took my trash to the Quilcene dump. 6.15 for the whole can! Three bags. Not by weight. So much cheaper than trash pickup (unless it was a quarter a week, but I doubt it is). I was pretty stoked on that. And I got to put it in a trash compactor. And I put my recycling in the bins too. I deposited my paycheck. I got food at QFC. Unfortunately I was hungry, so I got more junk food than I needed. But got regular food too. Anyway. Felt good to knock out a bunch of errands.

Hermited it up for the rest of the night.


Slept in. Tidied. Washed jeans. Celia and I went to Port Townsend to see Big Eyes at the Uptown Theater. It was very understated for a Burton film. Really beautiful sets and costumes and Amy Adams is great, as always. Celia made delicious garlic popcorn that we snuck into the theater. Hee hee hee.


Ma and Pa visited! Are visiting! They are sleeping up at the garage, so I can stay up late and work here. Working from home is going good, things were simplified a bit. I think it's going well. Got a lot of numbers together. I cleaned up, tidied. We did a little hike, and Ma and Pa and Celia went one way on a fork and didn't tell me and it took them a while to notice I wasn't with them (and I hollered to locate and no response). Celia texted me to find where I was at (up the stairs of the path). Dinner was salad nisewozz. Not now it's spelled, but I prefer it that way. It was put out on that cool platter that I got from work. With the eggs and veggies painted on it. Nice to eat all that healthy food. And then we had cake and tea and watched Big Trouble. Beloved wonderful comedy. Excellent ensemble cast.

Ma and Pa and I listed to the Nubbins story from Risk! and watched Galavant. Then they went up to the garage and I knocked out some work.

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