Saturday, May 4, 2013

No spring in Santa Cruz. It just went from Winter to Summer.

The weekend is here! And what a weekend! Tomorrow will start with the dog park and then I'll go up to San Francisco for the day & night & morning. Then back to Santa Cruz. Fun fun.

It was so friggin' hot today. High 80's, probably 90. And I was at the end of the dryer, so that was extra hot. I caught jobs and cleaned up stuff and melted. Ran a plastisol job and then some more discharge with lots of this and that. Not a bad day, just really hot. And we got some nutritional freebies from a company we run stuff for. Sweet!

I went grocery shopping and got some cash for the show tomorrow night. And I got some frames. Two for art that I've recently bought, and one for Janet's print. All were 20% off. Don't know where I want to hang my new art though. The frames don't quite match my other frames, but maybe hanging them by my desk will be good?

I did laundry as well. Yay. Clean clothes. I have so many shirts. How do I end up with so many shirts? I just get shirts and then...I get more shirts. I'm a shirt kinda gal, what can I say?

So on Sunday you'll get another double post with all the fun stuff I get up to this weekend. See you there!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Guy Pearce, hubba hubba

Ohhh I went to see Iron Man 3 in 3D. The regular showing was sold out, so I just went for it. Ohhh it was super fun. It had a really awesome cast, with plenty of awesome action sequences. Some people seemed to this the plot was a bit basic, but...it was super fun so I enjoyed it. I was grinning through several parts of the movie. Popcorn and soda became my dinner. Treat yo' self!

So my parents (hi Mom & Dad!!) got solar panels for the house. SO COOL! That'll probably start saving the moolahs as time goes on. Proud of my cool parents for being ahead of the curve like that.

Work was another long full day. Blimey. And I think it will continue like this for a good while. Printed the front and backs on these shirts, then printed the front design and side design. That took most of the day. Then we printed the fronts and backs on some other shirts. That took the rest of the day. I also managed to squeeze in three burned/double coated screens. It was all discharge today, so that was a lot of washing out of screens. My work shirt got a lot of splash back. So now what was a pretty clean shirt is now moved down the work shirt stack to "not so clean". I wear them cleaniest to dirtiest, though the really dirty ones don't really get worn much unless I continually forget to wash my work shirts.

Anyhoo. It was long. And I saw that there was a 9pm Iron Man 3 showing, so I went for it. And there went the rest of my day. But it was a damn good day. I very much enjoyed it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

when Peter met Harriet

We printed those towels and they looked AWESOME. Totally rad. Vibrant colors. No breakdown. No mistakes. Flawless job. I cleaned out the screens and all that, and by that time it was time for lunch.

Finished Godfather of Kathmandu. It was good, but it was sort of lacking....it's a book in the middle of an ongoing series so it just didn't have the weight that a first or final book would have, ya know? But still I dug it. Onto more Lord Peter Wimsey! Onto Strong Poison!

We ran the backs on one job, but the white shirts were an inferior product that were incapable of being printed on. So at the end of all that...I reclaimed 10 screens and called it a good long day.

Had some pasta for dinner. Put my feet up. Though about projects and Star Trek and Iron Man 3. Movie season is here!

It's so busy! But busy is good. Busy is work. Work is money. It's all good in the end.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

this week will drag, I can tell

I'm almost at 30k pageviews for this blog! That's pretty cool. Granted, it's the same handful of people checking in every day. Still. Neat.

We finished up the bags. I double coated and prepped a bunch of screens for discharge. Jeff set up the discharge job. Andrew made the ink. Then there was some stuff with the ink not quite working as the color, and one of the screens wasn't quite right either...so we removed all the ink from the screens (can't leave discharge ink in the screens like you can with plastisol) and we shall resume that job tomorrow. Printing towels is fun! I picked up another dozen eggs.

I had a huge salad for dinner, but I put almonds on it and I forgot how farty almonds make me. Yeah. No more almonds for me. My tummy feels all..funky.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Umberto & I

Monday was off to a mixed start. I cleaned stuff, so that was good. It's all ready to go. Though a job we ran will have to be reran, for...reasons. Though it will be ran better this time, because it will be ran with discharge. We started heat pressing some carry-alls. It was my duty to unpack them for Andrew to press, and then to box them back up once they were pressed. Basically halving the amount of time it takes to do the job, instead of having one person take twice as long. The bags came two to a box, and arrived about 7 feet high on five pallets. It was a lot of boxes...a needless amount of boxes because the bags don't fold. Anyway. That was done, and it will continue to be worked on tomorrow. I also unboxed some supplies and burned two screens. Tomorrow there will probably be more set up and stuff. It's looking to be a busy week.

At home, On Ugliness, edited by Umberto Eco, finally arrived! I found a good used copy online (as opposed to the $50 copy I saw in Powell's years ago). Excited to look at all the pictures (and read the captions as well).

I feel very tired, so I'm going to bed. I guess it isn't much earlier than usual but still. Mmm.

canadian cinema & california burgers


Blessed Saturday! And it was a really good one. I slept in. I watched Doctor Who. I had a fried egg sandwich. I went food shopping and finally found where they moved the granola bars to in Trader Joe's. It was also a LOVELY day. In the afternoon, I sat on the porch and solved a crossword puzzle. I say I solved it...actually Janet and Alana helped too, when they saw all the fun I was having outside. And it was solved in record time too. Just the knowledge of three brunettes on a warm Spring day.

I also disassembled my at home exposure unit, because I don't really need it anymore. Still have the lights and the planks, so I could reassemble if need be.

Later on, Steve came down and we got pizza and then in turn ate the pizza, watched Doctor Who (again in my case), drank beer, and watched the very awesome Canadian movie Pontypool.


This weekend's "Brunch with Steve" locale was Walnut Cafe. There was a bit of a wait, so I perused some cards in a card shop. So many lovely cards. We both went for lunch options, and thinking back on it I should have just tried the eggs benedict. My burger was good, but...errr a more brunchy option would have been nice. Steve had some stuff to do, so he left shortly after brunch. I had the rest of the day to relax, enjoy the warmth of the day, and generally be in a good mood.

Game of Thrones was super good, as was Mad Men.

Mother's Day is in a couple weeks....I should make a card or something. Hmmm.