Wednesday, December 25, 2013

get dressed you merry gentleman

Do I hafta blog? Everyone that reads this was with me today! Ahhh I guess I hafta.

I was the last up, and I chomped on bacon and drank tea and then it was presents time! I dumped out the stocking which contained Gandalf and Sarumon legos! I got to assembling them, which took some nice. And that time irked other people because I was still assembling when they were done opening presents. Come on! Give me some time to enjoy! Jeeze.

Got the stocking staples: chocolate oranges, Pocky, other candy, more candy...

Presents! Everyone enjoyed the hand painted mugs that I painted for them! Nate got Picklepoop, Dad got a landscape, Mom got Rhododendrons, and Helen (who arrived later in the day) got carrots! I spent a good chunk of a day painting these, which I didn't mention in my blog because I wanted it to be a surprise. I need to go and paint a mug for myself. Wheeee yay.

My Christmas print shall still circulate, so I'll wait on describing that.

Nate got a painting of a wheat crop from Minecraft, and Helen got some bananas to go with her ever growing art collection. Ma and Pa got a juicer from Nate. Mmm juice.

I got Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Book Shop, Shada, and N0S4A2. So yay books! And some socks and leg warmers. And Playmobil!

Oh! And a cool box that Dad MADE and it makes noise based on light when you remove the insert and it is really super duper cool! What a cool box! So stoked on my neato box. Can't wait to put stuff in it! Dad always makes the most awesome stuff. Yay Dad!

We four took a walk later in the afternoon (Helen hadn't arrived yet). A few loops at Anderson Creek. Then we returned home and snacked a bit. Then Nate left to pick up Helen at the airport, and Ma, Pa, and I watched the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. That passed the time. Food was put in the oven.

Helen arrived (with Nate) and we were all Yay! Helen is here! We had dinner (salad, ribs, potatoes, wine) and it was lovely. Then we observed closely as Helen opened her presents. She seemed to like them, so all was well. Then we played ImagineIf and I won! It was a tough race. Nate took an early lead but we brought him back and I scooted in to win. Fun game. I think we'll go see Frozen tomorrow.

Ma, Pa, and I watched the new Doctor Who episode where he regenerated into Capaldi. I cried. A bit. Well more than a bit.

And now to bed! What a nice Christmas. Yay for good company and good food.

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