Saturday, October 4, 2014

hankies are my friend

Turned in a resume to an inn looking for a front desk person. Then I picked up some hankies at Quimper's. Is that the place that was where Swain's was? Anyway. hankie town!! I caught the matinee of Gone Girl at the Rose Theater. Damn. Rosamund Pike is just amazing in it. She is such a good actress and this movie just absolutely, brutally shows her range and skills. And it is a nice looking movie, well acted, well directed, well adapted all around, but DAMN Pike!

I got out of the theater when there was daylight, and drove into a gorgeous matte mottled sunset, and got home at dark. I washed my hankies (I handwash them in the sink with detergent, give them a little drying nudge in the dryer, and the let them hang on the rack for the rest) and washed the dishes. Tomorrow auntie and her friend are coming, so I'll be cleaning and tidying in the morning/afternoon. There isn't much to do, just general organization and getting some of my clutter out of the way, and doing a vacuum.

I stacked some brick shelves in the dog room, and now it looks super tidy! I didn't stack them that high, for fear of them maybe toppling back into the glass and, you know, shattering it.

A really productive day! Though just under 2 hours of it was spent driving to and from Port Townsend, which would suck to do if I got a full time job in Port Townsend, because there goes a decent chunk of my day. But hey money! I'll take it if it is consistent and it pays.

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