Friday, October 3, 2014

dust jackalopes

My internet has been on the fritz all day. Like, really slow and it takes a couple refreshes, but then it'll load real fast. 

Anyway, I got out of bed before 10! I normally doze in for a while in the morning, then get up and get to it. This morning I woke up with a purpose: assembling my books into the library that they want to be.

Now Mom and Dad, if you don't like reading about me making changes, then maybe skip this entry.

Anyway, the first step was getting the clutter out of the way on the floor. I boxed it up neater, I boxed up the books on the stairs, and I put these boxes on the full bed in the nook. I might move them out to the big bedroom once Auntie and Guest are gone. Then I hauled down my boxes from the garage. I used the wheely cart for the garbage bins. It took I think 3, maybe 4 trips to get all the boxes down and up to my room. Then I pulled the books from the boxes and put them on my bed. I only needed 2/3's of the blue shelves for my books, because I just in turn filled up the boxes that had my books with the books from the shelves. Now they have been prepulled and are just waiting for the proper organization come the wall shelf construction that will happen...some time. I had a pasta break for lunch and an udon break for dinner and YES I am aware that those are both noodles.

Oh, I started the day by drawing Celia's cabin for Inktober.

Anyway, the dust that was kicked up was just blergg oh my god! I'm so congested, it's horrible. Four hankies soaked! I can now measure my congestion in hankie soakage.

My books are now in an order of comics, indie comics, non fiction, fiction in small paper back, fiction in hard cover, memoirs/biographies, and authors that I have multiple works of are in their little groups here and there (Palahniuk, Atwood, Gaiman, Roach). I'm pretty pleased to have a large dynamic ME element in the house. I'm excited to sort more books, so that they can be easily referenced. Plus there are some nice vintage books and literary journals, but they are stuffed in out of any sort of order.

Just going through the house will be good, because it stirs up the dust and gives the overall atmosphere a "touched" feel.

And Ma & Pa if you read this, I boxed the books with much care. Don't call me to nag at me.

Tomorrow I plan to take down some brick and board shelves for the mudroom, and set those up for things like shoes. And clean and tidy because hot damn I am having guests!!

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