Thursday, March 31, 2016

treat yo self monthly

 Tired! But now it's my weekend and I plan to barely leave the house for the next two days. I might go get a library card from the bookmobile. Maybe.

Anyway. I deep cleaned another room at work. Did bioclean in the drains which is a natural septic system thing. Our establishment is very green. Just listened to a lot of podcasts and worked. Then hauled over to Stedman's but they were closed due to illness. Went to Seabeck. Was tired and a bit snippy but I apologized. Dad did have a good idea and was most generous about buying the bee veil. I'll reimburse when I see them on Saturday. I just realized I have five days off in a row, not four! Five on, five off. Whoo. Where was I? Oh right, Seabeck. I got my mail and had some dinner and closed my eyes for a bit. With tea I was energized again for the final bee class. I passed all my bee tests 100% by the way. Go me! I'm excited for the hands on seminar this Saturday. Got home. Did the second to last litter. Went to bed.

A shorter day. We are ahead of schedule with three days next week that only look like they'll be two days of work (the inn is closed so it's been a lot of cleaning). So we both finished a bit early. I'll do the remaining vacuuming on Tuesday. The weather was just too nice. I went to see about getting a Jefferson County Library Card, but I need to get a mailing address. I've already planned to get a PO Box so that'll be no problemo. I got a PO box in Quilcene. And it was a nerdy referencing number. So I'm excited to get mail nearby, instead of having it go through Ma & Pa. Quilcene is technically further away from the house, but it is on the way to and from work.

Got home with plenty of time to chill. I made key chains for my PO Box keys. I drew a comic. I put my feet up. I had some noodles. I signed up for a couple little treat-yo-self things (ipsy and birchbox) to treat myself and see if I like 'em. They are those subscription boxes. These are makeup focused. I looked at a few reviews of previous boxes, and what came in the boxes pretty much all appealed to me and was a killer deal. So I'll see if I actually like them. I can cancel at any time, which is nice. It's good to be good to yourself in little ways. Little treats. And with the job I've been wearing more makeup. Breakfast shifts have a little note of "look presentable". Which honestly probably just means no sweatpants and flipflops.


Helped Celia for the last litter. It was pretty obvious I was done and she said I'd done my duty. I said Panda and Teddy and Sam had done their doody. Hehehe.

Nighty night!

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