Saturday, April 2, 2016

making art and writing down my name

 Two days into my five day weekend! Yesterday was mostly spent sleeping. I slept in. Got up. Had breakfast and showered. I went to the Bookmobile at Brinnon to get a library card.

The librarian asked if I was related to Marilyn (as you have read in my comic). Grandma has been gone almost seven years, and who knows where her last library visit was. Librarians are amazing' Such a nice little small town moment. I took a nap later. Had some dinner. Went to sleep. So tired.

Today was very artistically productive! I think I'm done carving March's card. It will be counted as March's design though it'll be printed in April. I'll do another design later in April too. One design each month! But yeah, got that carved and I'm looking at a sample print right now, with the spot colors. Not sure if I'll work on it a bit more or get to printing. I have 44 cards cut down from Bristol paper, for an edition of 40 with 4 for tests and artist proofs. I'm pretty happy with it! Just have to make a couple other decisions. Drew a comic. Had some pasta for dinner. I have a busy tomorrow (parents, bees, dungeons and dragons) and a date on Sunday in Seattle. Monday is a free day. Then it's back to work! Though the work next week is more deep cleaning/generally unsupervised type stuff.

It feels good to be doing so much stuff.

And I have my window open a bit. Cool air is wafting in.

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