Sunday, November 30, 2014

bro tips

Thanks for the incognito window tip, Nate!

I'm sitting in front of the fire with my computer. It's very warm and I'm back to manually entering those two keys because I don't have a desk down here. But it is a welcome tradeoff.

Yesterday I went over to Celia's, who made a wonderful second Thanksgiving. Turkey, potatoes, gravy, beans. We noshed down and then watched Ghostbusters I & II back to back. I love Ray Stantz. I noticed something new in the first one, even! What a great time.

It got cold and now everything is frozen. I need more oil for my car. I'll probably drive out and get that tomorrow. They should have it in Quilcene.

It was so warm in my bed this morning, and my feet didn't thaw out till I got in front of my fire. I'm working from home tomorrow, and I've gotten a jump on it tonight.

I watched The One I Love on Netflix Instant, and it was so odd and great. I recommend it!

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