Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Whooo! Got all the items with photos up! Now to add more items that have photos, and then to photo the items that have been priced and get it all up. Working from home whoo hooo!

I dropped my mp3 player in water and it was all kind of not working this morning. I had it in a bag of rice, but it seemed pretty dead so I popped into Silverdale and got a replacement model. It's not the Sansa model which I love, but I'll learn to adjust. Need my tunes. And it also has a ton more hours of battery life. And I got some pants at Old Navy for 30% off, whoo! Some nice black pants. Professional pants.

Also got oil for my car and poured that in. Errands afternoon. After the pants I went back home. It's snowy and icey over Kitsap, but my car drove well. Then I got to work, and now I sleep and wake up early and go to work. Working on site tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

That was a busy day for you. Sorry about the MP3 player. Good for keeping up with the car.