Saturday, March 28, 2015

territory dispute


Got caught up during my commute by something happening on the bridge. Not quite it going up but maybe an accident? Just worked solo. Photographed, recorded, did online research and stuff. I packed up Bodi's things and off we went to Pulali! Sweet little doggy. Made no fuss about getting in my car and was a perfect driving companion. Once out of the car, Bodi bounded around and laid down some scent on the trees. Lots of running about and enthusiasm. Brought in his crate, set out some food, gave some treats. Corbie swung by for a little bit, and left...and peed on the grill cover.

Bodi cuddled on my bed, and was perfectly mild all night long.


Got up earlyish to let Bodi out. Had a scramble. Then took Bodi for a walk through the woods and up to the end of the road and back. Doggy got a good walk. The weather was perfect. Wonderfully bright and warm, with just a bit of a breeze. Excellent dog walking weather. Later in the day I found that Corbie had peed on the jam next to the door. Damnit. Bodi don't pee that high, so I know who donnit. I took a nap with Bodi. Then had dinner and made a frie and read in front of the fire. Now I'll tuck into bed, after letting Bodi out for one that one last pee.

So any dog that comes 'round here will have to contend against Corbie being a brat I guess. Argh.

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