Monday, July 1, 2013

cuppa cuppa tea

Joey got skunked right in the face. Poor dog. Now the house has a bit of odor, though I think Janet managed to keep her from rubbing on anything. Just a small wafts around, ya know?

Back to work! Yay! I caught hat transfers for a bit and then Andrew took over catching punk patches and I set about cleaning & reclaiming 24 screens.Why 24? Well because that is how many slots there are in the rack for dryer freshly coated screens. Tomorrow I'll coat those screens then set about cleaning another 24 screens. There is talk of maybe getting some part time kid in for a couple days and all they do is clean screens. Our production is really bumping up, so the new load of used screens is climbing.

I finished Sorcerer's Stone and started Chamber of Secrets. Giving the Harry Potter books a good relisten. Hurray!

Went grocery shopping and got my usual staples plus short bread with chocolate cookies.

I love my tea maker thingy gizmo. Makes it so easy to brew loose leaf tea in quantities that I like to drink. Mmm!

I've got more stuff to accomplish coming up. Always making lists! Crazy to be busy.

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