Tuesday, January 12, 2016

my guests are the best

I've spent the better part of today switching phones. If you remember my first smartphone went black and I bought a replacement, and sent the first one away for the replacement that was covered under warranty. The phone I've been using for a year keeps needing to have it's cache cleared and it's getting laggy in some apps, so I decided to switch over to the third phone while I still had a working phone. And if something happens to the 3rd phone, I can revert back to the 2nd just in case.

The new phone has a better camera and a bigger screen, but also less space which is frustrating! If you can't afford a phone with a big drive, you can only do so much. You can still do a lot, but you gotta pick and choose apps. Anyways, I've been getting stuff transferred over and backed up and it's taking FOREVER!! I just want it to be done (there's a lot of apps I've been trying to get data to switch over, and none quite are doing the trick) so I can draw a comic!

Anita and Cheyenne were lovely perfect guests! Anita brought me this illustrated tide pool guide as a host gift and it's the PERFECT supplement to the other guides we have. Lasagna was made, Men In Black was watched, and general chilling out happened. A nice visit. Cheyenne moved to Portland at the same time I did, but she stuck around. Really nice person! And they were so damn tidy. Dishes done and everything. They left relatively early to go down to Portland. I took a nap which went a bit long. Did a comic. Took a bath. Then felt tired again and went to sleep. Yesterday was a bit of a wash.

And I've been frozen out of Instagram! It's not loading and it keeps freezing! That's my favorite app! Waahhh! I want to see my notes!

But I'm stoked that my new phone can take pictures of sketches, because then I can post stuff as I draw it and not waiting for a scanner. Scanner is best but ya.

So here's the comic from the 11th. I'm rating it PG-13 for totally legal drug references:

(don't worry ma and pa, I'm not spending my current money on dank ganj, I'm being frugal!)

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