Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Techno Bummer

I've spent ALL DAY on this now!!! Well some breaks but I've been trying to resolve it all day and ARGH! The new phone has a better camera and screen, but less storage and no emojis. My old phone is still useable, but only through wifi. So most of it still works, just not as a phone. So I'm not installing some apps on my new phone because I can just use them on my old phone (Neko Atsume for example). And I think I'll use the old phone as an alarm because the clock I like on the Motorola isn't compatible with a ZTE. How can a CLOCK not be compatible? Errggg!!

And this data transfer app is being weird on one of the phones. Like, if I can get the phones to be really buddy buddy with how they share data between one another, that'd be awesome.

And Instagram STILL is freezing me out. I can look and interact with my feed a little bit online, but I can't upload anything.

Argh. So frustrating! But look, I drew a comic so that's cool.

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