Thursday, January 9, 2014


Mostly solo day. Did a banner. Sorted the film. Helped boss empty the drawers. Sorted the film into the drawers. Listened to the Wham Bam Pow podcast, which I'm enjoying oodles these past few days. Also did some stickers and magnets. Counted out some shirts.

The studio is really looking nice! More clean. More organized. Boo yah!

Got home in time to catch a bit of the interview with the potential housemate Justin. That's right. Justen moved out, and we have Justin interviewing. As if things were not confusing enough already. Don't know if he'll be THE housemate, but he seems nice. Had a good little chat. He departed and Jeff and I had a nice chat about things while I made some pasta and drank some tea.

Then I did my usual evening routine of nothing much.

I pretty much am always wearing Nate's zombie slippers whilst at my desk. They are PERFECT! I can't believe I didn't think of putting slippers on my christmas/birthday wish list. Sure they are Nate sized, but they still work.

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