Sunday, January 5, 2014

printing in frisco

I want more days like this. Just hanging with neat people and working on great projects.

Got up early, loaded up my car with printing supplies and a change of clothes and off I went to San Francisco! Effortless drive. Arrived at 10ish. Today Carmen and I set about printing a Kickstarter reward. The four color print of the album art (not with the hands, just the full cityscape with some colors) specifically. Only six 20"x20" will be printed. One of the uber rewards.

Film was printed out and assembled. Screens were coated. I took a break to walk down to 19th and procure tacos. Screens were burned and painstakingly washed out. Screens were set to dry. Ink was mixed. Paper was cropped down to the... oh wait the paper was 20" x 20", the print was 16" x 16". Then we ran an errand and got an 18" squeegee from the screen printer supply shop (a legit shop with the actual proper chemicals and screens, not like the crappy section art stores have!). Back to the house. Josh got Thai food. We had dinner. And then we started printing! And it all went pretty smoothly. First went down the blue, then the green, then the gray. When the black lineart went down it was just. Wowza. I drew the original stuff so small, so it is great to see it SO BIG! And I'll get a copy for myself (the funkiest one). I'm so stoked on it. I need to print more. Poster just look so GOOD!

There is still a final layer to do, but we'll do that in the morning. I don't know if I'll be printing more (there is a deluxe Owl Lady poster, but that is only two colors and the owl lady is already burned).

I'll just have to see what tomorrow brings. Besides the new episode of Sherlock.

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