Friday, January 17, 2014



Ended up being a rather abbreviated day at work. Had some screens to burn, some stickers to cut, and some banners to do. It is so hot in Santa Cruz! 80 degrees! Ahhhg! Oh and taped screens. Boss was away doing the vinyl on a monster truck.

At home I just relaxed, as usual. Hard to find motivation to do stuff in the evening. Surely there is stuff to do?


We had clients in the studio to help print samples. Small run printing in wide style variety. The type of specific stuff where they want to try things in different placements/color ways. I cut stickers and weeded vinyl and generally assisted with catching shirts and burning. It was SO WARM! I should have been wearing shorts. It was that hot. I also heatpressed some jerseys. Got some basketball jerseys due soon, but I have several days in which to do them, so that is good. Goodish. It'll still take a while, but hey! Prime podcast listening time!

The clients bought us burgers. That was super nice. Mmm.

Another night, another nothing. Not the best habit. Trader Joe's has poutine now, apparently. Gotta get that next time I'm there.

My hand is healing pretty well.

Wow I turn 26 in a few days. That snuck up on me.

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