Saturday, January 18, 2014

good company and good treats

So the new housemate is: Justin! Not to be confused with Justen who just moved out. He will be moving in gradually. Seems a nice enough bloke.

Had my usual little oatmeal and tea breakfast and then headed out for some rendezvous and errands.

The Tannery is this sort of converted artist loft enclave place thingy. Cheap housing, variety of people, but hard to get into unless you pounce. My friend Ryan lives there, but also Marina, Rich, and Ariel (Ryan knows Marina and they both got Tannery housing at around the same time) (oh and Ariel, Rich, Marina, and Francesca all live together). Anywaaay! I am going to the Welcome to Night Vale show with Ariel and Rich, so we met up to discuss plans for driving down and I had to pay Rich for my ticket. All that stuff. I arrived at noon and we had a really good hang out! Sorted out plans, talked about contemporary media, Francesca, Marina, and I drew. I drew up a little portrait piece for them to put in their door sign (there are lots of decorated door signs). That was fun. I need to hang out more often, because it was a damn good time. I departed at 3:30ish because I was hungry and it seemed like other plans were a happenin'. Plus I had errands I wanted to run and wanted to get a bit of daylight enjoyment, because it was another lovely day in Santa Cruz.

I went to Chipotle and downed a burrito and was very, very stuffed. I read my Kindle a bit too, because wowza Kindles are easy to transport! I strolled over to World Market and picked up some sweets. Treat yo' self! Then I headed downtown a bit more to the sock store and picked up three pairs of really awesome socks, for when I have an occasion to wear really awesome socks:


Bright and pretty quail and poppy socks.

Some way cool patterned socks. Feeling a bit like Sherlock in Elementary. He often wears bright socks.

Then I headed home, snacked a bit, watched some telly, drank some beer. Don't have any plans for tomorrow. Ah, so used to being so busy! I work Monday, despite it being a holiday. Though what would I do with Monday off?

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Nice socks!xoxomum