Monday, April 14, 2014

counting down the days and they are dwindling in number

I've got just over two weeks to get all my stuff into storage! Ahhh! Well, I just gotta get the big stuff out of the way in the next couple days. Books, clothes, shelving units. There's a lot of stuff that can be packed straight up. Just gotta start doing it. Gotta figure out when I'm moving my mattress. I could sleep on the couch for a few nights, no problemo. I got my bike into the storage unit today, so that is out of the way. Tomorrow I will pull out all the boxes and stuff I have laying about and start filling them up. Since the complex is open till 10pm, I could drop stuff off on the same day.

What am I going to do with my jade plant though? ARGHH! Well, at least I don't have a kid. Can't put kids into storage.

Anyway. Garth visited me in Santa Cruz. I find myself being so much more social now that I am heading out of town. It's a level of encouragement to see people and hang out. But it's better to create ties and work on friendships and whatnot, as opposed to just closing myself off.

We (Garth & I) went to Zoccoli's and they didn't have any maple candy! Gah! Why have so few people tried that maple candy? It's so good. And we hung out at Verve, and swung by Comicopolis, where I got the two new Sandman issues and Garth got a card game (Boss Monster) which we played a round of. Pretty fun game. You make dungeons and you have to kill the heroes that go through your dungeons. I didn't win, but I often don't win games. I still like to play them. We have plans to hang out next weekend, so I better get a move on with my packing and planning! But I have weekday evenings that I tend to do nothing with anyway.

Watched Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley (which lost some interest for me in the second episode) and an episode of Justified and Bob's Burgers and see what I mean about not doing anything in the evening?

Crap, need to go to sleep.

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