Saturday, April 12, 2014

cold cold HOT cold colder coldest


Wore pants to work. I could tell it was going to be a cold one, and I was right. I cut some banners and showed Ryan how to tape them. I also cleaned and reclaimed and burned and taped. It was mostly solo, which I don't mind. We are on top of things when it comes to printing! We are not behind, we are good to go. And that is very good.

Akira at midnight! I spent my evening excited and looking forward to that. I worked on some Odd Owl drawings for a new shirt design. I should have that done by weekends end. So I worked on that and had some dinner.

Akira on the big screen was AMAZING! You could really just relish in the detail of the older animation and just how much labor went into it. The line was the longest I've ever seen for a Del Mar midnight showing, and nerds of all creeds were in attendance. I like nerds of all creeds, those are my kinds of nerd. Non exclusive nerd things. And the theater was really fully too! People came in droves for Akira, but granted it is an older film so most have never seen it on the big screen outside of showings like this. So awesome.

Oh, I saw the movie with Ryan, of course.


Slept a well deserved sleep in. And after breakfast and tea, I went and got myself a storage unit! Now I can start putting my stuff in storage. A good chunk of my stuff I can easily store away (clothes, jackets, very non essential for road trip items) and with them out of the way, I can sort through my stuff. It's good to pair down.

Dorothy is the manager of the rental place and she was really nice. And there are security cameras and it all seems nice and secure. I unloaded some of the stuff in my car. I still had my lock from when I put stuff into storage during my Portland moves, so it's good that that is getting used again. Harrah!

After that I met Ryan and Marina at the Art Bar at The Tannery. I got this noodle dish and some ginger soda. We chatted and drew. Rio and Adrian and Arlo, some kids from The Tannery, hung out with us as well (Ryan lives with Arlo, and Arlo's parents of course). Damn smart kids!

Hanging out with Ryan typically means seeing a movie, so we saw Under the Skin. Which was.... nightmare inducing. One of those slow movies without a lot of dialog, but it still carried a good amount of weight. Scarlett Johansson is a really amazing actress. She pulled off the subtlety in the role so well. But yeah, I think I'll have nightmares about this movie. Some of the scenes were just yeeeesh.

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