Friday, April 11, 2014

green food

Made a necklace. Though I need to get a better clasp for it. The magnetic ones I have are not reliably strong enough.

I also looked into a Straight Talk phone. Hard to tell what phone would work best, but all I need right now is reliable GPS for my trip. Not signing up for a contract is significantly cheaper per month, but I have to pay for the phone so now fancy freebie phones. But... cheaper is better!

Anyway. Had to go to WalMart to look into the phones. There is one in Marina, about 40 minutes south. It was a nice drive, though the road changes the number of lanes frequently. And I was behind this BMW who kept going fast then slow then fast then slow. I guess they were lost or looking for a turn or something. Still... why is it always BMW drivers that are the worst?

WalMart was harmless. Big, but not crowded. I got a charm and some beads to turn into a necklace. Like I said, I need a better clasp for it.

Work was cleaning screens, reclaiming screens, cleaning more and reclaiming more, and then coating. Also some burning and counting in of shirts and cutting of vinyl thingy.

Jeff made all four of us dinner! It started with him being all "you want vegetables?" and we three said yes to veggies. Then BAM kale and chicken, artichoke, avocado, and brussel sprouts cooked in this specific way that was so damn good. SHHHH don't tell mom I ate so healthy. She must never know.

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