Monday, April 7, 2014

the clock has started


I had a pretty good rest, but not a full sleep in like I was expecting considering how tired I was on Friday. Did some laundry and had some breakfast. It was a beautiful day. I headed up north to hang out with Garth, totally neglecting the fact that I have to plan my exit from Santa Cruz. The main thing is getting a storage unit and packing stuff up.

Anyhoo. We got some beef dip sandwiches and watched this Dr. Seuss movie: The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. It's a live action Dr. Seuss-esque movie that apparently he has disowned as part of his career? It's weird, but also brilliant. It has some great choreography sequences.


My housemate Justin has been ill, and right now he is in the hospital. Hopefully he will get better!

Watched a silly kung fu movie and had some doughnuts. Another beautiful day! That's how I want it: rain during the week, sun on the weekend. I wonder if I'll get a sun tan on the road trip?

A nice weekend, but dang it went by fast! I need to get on the ball, only three weeks left. Countdown is happenin'! Tick tick tick!

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