Monday, November 9, 2015

big things, private things

The Weekend

Didn't get up to much besides eating some vegetables and sitting in front of the fire. Popped over to Celia's for a bit too. I've been getting hella splinters from the pine. I've got one that has been lodged in my finger for a day now. Hopefully it'll work its way out.

Watched TV. Did some work on the .gif for work. Boss loved it.


Did a Silverdale errand I shant talk about here, but it was a good thing. Did a Trader Joe's run too and got food stuff and candy cane joe joes MMmmm and I dropped off library books that I never got around to reading. Went home. Took a nap. Had a nice dream where I was walking through a dark town meeting people and floating through glowing trees. Then I made a fire, ate some food in respectable portions, and chilled. Tomorrow I'll get to work.

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