Saturday, November 7, 2015

Waltz is always such a good villain

Wednesday & Thursday & Friday

Getting so behind. Continually behind.

I saw a late showing of Spectre, the new Bond movie. It felt like a Bond movie. Gadgets, funky villains, babes, and a real sense of physicality to the stunts. Like a lot of money was spent with real stuff instead of doing it all in computer. I dug it.

Earlier today (Friday) I worked from home a bit, doing some eBay whatnots. Then I did laundry. Did a bunch of laundry over the past few days. I went over to Bremerton to hang with Karen and Rob. Their house is looking so nice! I helped Karen paint trim for the walls and helped hand Rob power tools while he assembled stuff. Rob brought home some chocolate to snack on. I like Rob. Good guy, that Rob.

I worked on site on Thursday. Photographed and itemized some things. Not a long day, but nice to get out of the house. Jeremy was at work for a bit too. At home I finished the illustration up and got to bed late.

Wednesday I worked from home, worked on the illustration, ... did I make the food run on Wednesday? Maybe. Can't remember. I guess I could check my blog post but ehhh that takes effort. I did a food run sometime and got a good assortment of vegetables. Yum.

No plans to leave the house till Monday. Time to chill, time to work.

Swung by Ma and Pa's today as well and picked up my way cool lapel pins that I ordered from Ryan Bubnis. They're so cool.

Now I'm super congested. Time to rest.

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