Sunday, December 28, 2014

seawalled in

I forgot that I already blogged last night.

Anyway, Ma Pa and I watched Star Wars on VHS last night.

We took a walk this morning out to the Navy point, which is built up more than it was in previous years. There is a gate around a new structure and it's more closed off. That's not much fun. I had oatmeal post walk and ended up helping with only three sandbags for the seawall retention.

I got the fire going and a chicken & garlic bread lunch was had. Hans headed out back home, as did Averie. Ma & Pa left before dark but did help tidying up. I might have a few mice roommates, so out goes the trap again.

I mellowed by the fire and relaxed and had a little peace and quiet. Christmas is over, New Years and 2015 approaches!

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