Saturday, December 27, 2014

back home la la la

Back at Pulali! The house took some heating and fireplacing to thaw out.

Breakfast in Seabeck was hashbrowns and bacon. Packed up my goodies and clothes. Thankfully if I have forgotten anything, it's a short ways away.

Hans came over to Pulali for the night, and Averie too. The seawall got some repairs. It's washed out underneath, now that the main stretch of the seawall is gone.

Dinner was this rice thingy and rugelach and soup. Averie and I sat by the fire. I burned my finger on the fire. First fireplace burn!

I used some of the lavender scenty stuff that Helen & Nate gave me fore Christmas and it was so good smelling. Looking forward to using it more in the shower.

Now it's 8 but it feels later. Blogging earlier rather than later!

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