Saturday, December 27, 2014

jolly but no holly

Christmas came and Christmas went! Oh how the people who attend and the places we go change over time. It was very much a lovely one here in Seabeck.

A good assortment of gifts were exchanged. Some from lists and some surprises. I got a Kate Beaton assortment of goodies! Actually I think I got all I requested, so totally spoiled: the Boat! shirt, the 2015 calender poster, the Roosevelt & Baker & Henry VIII mug. Awesome! I also got Wrenchies and Bobcat and Carsick. And toesoes. And chocolate. And little legos. And a scarf. And a globe puzzle that is really cool.

I worked on the puzzle on and off. And got more people to play Pandemic. And Danny came up and visited for a bit. And played Pandemic.

Dinner was salmon and rice and broccoli. Ma and Pa watched St. Trinians. I computered it up.

Did I blog last year about the changes? This year there is no Holly or Salvador. The house is different. Very changed. The whole vibe of life is changing. Traditions are different. Hmm.

I slept in, and Dad made PEOTwMC and coffee in the siphon coffee maker. It was old and broke during cleaning. A shame because it made a damn good cup of coffee and the same type of maker is expensive!

Nate and Helen stayed till 3 and then left for the airport. Then Ma went to her movie about Paramahansa Yogananda. I sorted out their NatureBox gift card and Dad made dinner. We played, and lost, two rounds of Pandemic. Love that game. I'm glad it is two player!

Tomorrow I return home and Ma and Pa are coming to visit and to help out with the ramp.

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