Wednesday, November 26, 2014

a tale of two accounts

Logging into Blogger requires me to log out of all my Google accounts, namely the ones that I use for work, so it is difficult to tandem blog while in the middle of working from home stuff.

Only Amanda is arriving today for Friendsgiving, and I'm stoked to get just one on one time to hang and chat.


Worked on site again! Took lots of photos and have almost all the boxes taken care of. So many items, and now to label them all. Boss treated me to phad thai for lunch! It was delicious and we had a good conversation about the lack of education regarding those with visible disabilities. I left early to try and get to the antique stores to tidy them up. I hit some traffic though so I could only do so much.


Worked from home! Took many hours to label everything, but it was much easier than the last label session. And I got in a few hours of loading photos and items into the store. There are a few things that still need photos, but I'll get to that. I made my grocery run. I'm down to just bread, potatoes, and cranberry sauce! Also stocked up on beer and cider and champagne for mimosas and other boozey items. Probably won't all get drunk.

Stayed up late getting work at home stuff done, still might put in another hour or two today. Amanda is on her way and I've been cleaning.

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