Monday, October 28, 2013

only a few days till Hawaii...I should start packing!


Yard work day! Got up to bacon as made by Justen. We walked around the front, side, and back yard and figured out what needs to be done and we divided up the shores. Tara and I took a lot of the sweeping/leaf clearing jobs. I also picked up pinecones. I listened to podcasts and worked up a sweat. Not a bad start.

The chicken did indeed microwave better. Goes well with rice.

Since I agreed to help Eric and Davina hand out candy, I went downtown to get a costume together lickety split. Walgreen's provided the UCSC shirt and the thrift shop provided the running shorts. Bam!

Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction costume! Easy!

I watched The Heat (or did I do that Friday?) and relaxed and didn't get up to much of anything else. Really not a Halloween party person. My knee is hurting something fierce too.


Slept in, so that was nice. I'm trying out Chia seeds with my oatmeal. Don't know if it does much, but it hasn't killed me so that is good!

Did a quick Trader Joe's run with Tara. I suggested she be a pin up for Halloween and she says she is going to go for it! Yay!

Also wasted most of the day. Ate pizza and watched three episodes of The Tick. Then I watched Homeland and wondered what I was doing with my life. But only for a little bit. I'm good at thwarting those feelings of long term life goal searching.

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Anonymous said...

Mama said there'd be days like this; there'd be days like this my mama said. (mama)