Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween & Hawaii

Last day of work. Vacation time! It was so far away and now it is here. I'm all packed up and ready to go! Confirmed with the airline. Whooo!

And work was nice and short. Caught a bit. Reclaimed a full racks worth of screens. Cleaned screens. Burned and taped screens. Boss was nice about me taking a vacation. No resentment, though maybe some jealousy. BECAUSE HAWAII! YAY!

Got home and put on my Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction costume. I painted on sideburns and did my eyebrows. There were a couple trick or treaters, and thankfully I had candy to give them. I did Tara's eye makeup for her pin up costume. Then I headed over to Davina and Eric's to mooch and help them with candy. With handing out AND eating candy. So I did that. Hung out with them. Ate food. Ate candy. Drank wine. Saw many cute little kids, though very few of them had home made costumes.

I returned to my abode and packed up the rest of my stuff. It's certainly not a full suitcase right now. Plenty of room for souvenirs.

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