Saturday, October 26, 2013

it was warm but now it is cold

Made yellow curried chicken with potatos in the crock pot. It ended up a bit dry and the spices didn't really absorb. Not awful and a total loss, but not something I'm eager to take up. But hey, I've got a few days worth of easy meals. Make some rice and that'll stretch it more. Maybe it'll microwave better.

Work was short due to tricky stuff. But I coated screens and reclaimed another big bunch. We'll have so many screens for next week! Gotta have them, as they'll need 'em for when I'm not around.

As I was paying for my airporter fee, I realized it would be a really good money laundering front. Not much overhead, not much paper trail if you make it cash.

At home I got the crockpot going after a TJ's trip. Tara was able to show me the hottie at the store that she liked. He was pretty hot.

Hung out with Eric and Davina, the neighbors. Might help them hand out candy on Halloween.

Tomorrow is yard work day and...I dunno what else. Open weekend?

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