Tuesday, October 22, 2013

surrounding myself with cute things

Monday! And we got a good amount done. I burned a bunch of screens. Jeff and I listened to the Hardcore History podcast and learned about Ghenghis Khan. Well we listened to part II of V.

I caught shirts...and caught more shirts. And taped screens. Also listened to the Stuff You Should Know and Thrilling Adventure Hour podcasts. Pretty informative stuff.

At home there were two goodies that arrived in the post for me! Yay, goodies! One was this wall mounted bottle opener I commissioned from BT, which has a John Finnemore quote on it. I'll post a picture once it is installed. It's really swell. The other is this hanky with Aidan Koch's art. I have it draped on my lamp. I like buying art, and it supports cool people so yay! But now I shant buy stuff because HAWAII! Looking into airporters. There are several options, so that is nice. I'll see if I can get a lift to the airporter before I make the res. Get the favor in, then secure the spot.

My room is taking on a very eclectic and cute tone. Lots of patterns. Trying to make it a nice space. This move has really brought on a lot of melancholy. I miss Joey and Janet.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling sad, babes, missing your people and doggie friends. Hugs, mummy