Thursday, October 24, 2013

and I'm....from Earth

I don't think I can eat cabbage. Makes me toot. Well I could eat cabbage, I just can't have anyone be near me. Boss got Charlie Hong Kong. He asked what I wanted and I said "surprise me" so it was salmon and noodles, same as he got. I was sad it wasn't something funny like pork butt. Next time.

Worked a full long day. Lots of cleaning and reclaiming at the end of it. 18 screens! Very good. Go me. Caught a little bit, but I was mostly on the other end of the studio. Burning too. Did that. Got through a lot of Thrilling Adventure Hour. Love the Sparks Nevada run of stories. And I listened to some Radiolab.

Got home later in the evening. Had some tea. Worked on my gift exchange. Have to get it mailed by Friday! Also got my check for my deposit, so I shall be sending that up North to get deposited. Got it all back, so that is good.

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