Sunday, October 20, 2013

happy fun time


The weather is giving us the run around! It was super hot outside, but we kept the garage door cold so the concrete of the studio radiated mostly cold from the night. It sucks when it gets really cold, because it is pretty much just one big cold seeping upwards.

Ran jobs. Jeff and I listened to the Hardcore History podcast about Ghengis Khan. That was super intense, and a bit multi parter! Can't wait to listen to more. The latter chunk of the day was spent reclaiming, cutting stickers, and then coating those newly dry screens. Nice to have lots of screens to work with! Though we are going to run up short on 305s. Busy times are coming! I could probably pull a few extra shifts and count them during my holiday week.

At home Justen and Tara were all, "lets go out and do something!" Justen's friend Michael came over to join in the downtown fun. Girlmode was activated and Tara did her hair and I did my makeup. We went to 99 Bottles first, because I was hungry. Knocked another number off my card! Then we went to Blue Lagoon, where there was dancing and a few more drinks. I think I pulled my neck muscles head bangin' to Nirvana (which is apparently dance music now). This guy Alex knew Michael, and this Alex looked SO MUCH like an Alex. When he arrived at the table, like I thought I knew him because I knew his name was Alex...he just permeated Alex-ness. But the night was fun! I danced and chatted and had a good time. Got back at 2ish and went to bed content.


In the early afternoon, I went to the Bixby house for what will be the last time. I scrubbed the stove and cleaned the fridge inside and out. And there were last tidbits to pick up. It was so...empty. No chairs or tables or brickabrack or piano or art. It was just...empty. And really sad to walk around, but I couldn't even begin to understand Janet's feelings! 15 years of living somewhere...packed up!

Joey was so happy to see me. She came running and thwapped me with her tail and got so many pets.

I returned home and had some lunch. Then began the first trip of what would be an uber day for shopping!

Palace Arts for supplies for my new Reddit gift exchange (Joss Whedon themed, I'm going to do a portrait of Mal). Then I went to the thrift shop downtown that is always 50% off. I didn't find any good pants to turn into work pants. Nothing near my size...THOUGH I did find two pairs of shorts that fit really well. So that is awesome.

Returned home and snacked, then looked up the closest Old Navy. Just going to get work pants from where I know there'll be something in my size. So I headed up north. I walked through the Nordstrom Rack entrance, and then WOW! The bra selection! I have such a hard time finding ones that are 1) in my size 2) not ridiculously expensive 3) not a beige monster. And NR delivered! I actually had choices! I picked up three Betsey Johnson (cute designer) ones that were all half off. And I got some sale makeup. Nordstrom Rack is awesome, how have I not been to one? And if I have, it has been years. Then I went to Old Navy and tried on tons of pants. Some styles fit in one size, others did not, and some fit almost the same between two different sizes. Annoying, but I found some pants that were not tight. Maybe a bit more loose then I am actually sized at, but it is good to my comfy. All in all, a very successful clothing shopping trip! Normally clothing shopping frustrates me. Now I'm psyched for all my new buys.

Oh! And my sunglasses arrived!

A very good day! At home I cleaned my room and put away a bunch of stuff, and organized other things. And did some laundry. 

Now to contemplate tomorrow's crock pot meal. Hmmm.

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