Friday, April 10, 2015


Hey! I'm blogging on the night of the day! And I'm not like summing up a few days. Go me!

So I did a lot of data entry today. Work from home. Entering this into that. Listened to bunches of podcasts. Pretty chill day, and it was sopping wet so perfect for doing home stuff.

Had pasta and a scramble and cookies. Not all at once. I put a few books on hold at the library. Plan on picking them up before I head out for California. I need to write out an official what to bring list, and see what last shopping I need to do.

I picked up two tickets to see Emily Heller in Seattle on May 16th! Going to see her with Chris, who I'm long overdue for a meet up and chit chat. I haven't seen any stand up, outside of an open mic, so I'm stoked for that. This is a full set, so that's something. And I tweeted about getting the tickets and Emily Heller retweeted me! Big time!

But yeah, I gotta get out of the house more and go do stuff. So I'm doing that!

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