Monday, April 6, 2015



Spent the day with Aaron, with whom I am now exclusive. Not officially boyfriend-meet-the-family-and-friends but hey, it's something! And he's cute and I like him a whole bunch. Anyway, spent the day with him. We got lunch at Hare & Hounds/Hound & Hares in Poulsbo. Split onion rings and fish and chips and had a pint each. Then we walked around downtown and checked out the book shops. I turned my back on him for a second, and in that second he found a hydraulic handbook. Ha!

I also presented him with some chives for his garden, which he was very appreciative of. I didn't stay over.


Woke up before 9 and went back to sleep. Eventually rolled out of bed at noon. Had a scramble, and later some cast iron cooked green beans and the barley wine ale that was 10.5% abv and was a bit intense. Also had a fire going and sat in front of it and read, and chatted with Celia for a bit. Nice mellow Sunday. Now I'm watching Mad Men!

Another week begins.

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