Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where will I be at 300k?

I'm in a hotel room in Eugene, Oregon. Which isn't that far along driving wise...but Ma likes to take breaks. She isn't a long haul driver when it comes to being out of the MoHo.

Got out of bed at eightish. Showered. Packed. Took out the compost. Made coffee. Left at about 9:10ish. Pulled over to get a shot of my car's odometer when it rolled over to sweet, sweet 250,000 miles! Booyah!

I thought I was running late, but Dad was making lunch and no one was in much of a hurry. We had an easy departure. Filled up the tank. Headed south. Drove around Portland. Went to the Something Slough Wildlife Refuge and looked at birds and did a bit of a hike and had snacks. I napped. We got into Eugene at 7, had ramen at Toshi's Ramen, which was VERY tasty ramen indeed. Good broth.

We are at a motel in the heart of downtown. I walked around a bit and took some pictures and also desperately sought my own space. Can only take so much Ma and Pa, love them as I do.

A little bit more driving tomorrow. We are in no hurry at all.

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