Sunday, February 9, 2014


Found out our beloved Holly doggy has passed away. She was well loved in her later years. I hope she feels like she got enough cuddles. I tried to give her plenty.

I slept way in. My bed was so cozy and I felt so weary.

I think I've only blown my nose twice today. Had a spoonful of local honey in the morning and a spoonful in my tea at night. Can't say it's working totally but only time will tell.

I misplaced my car rego sticker, so I spent a few hours cleaning my room properly (i.e. sorting through paperwork and dividing it up) and tidying my spaces and keeping track of where I put things. I found my rego! So that is good. I'll stick it on my car tomorrow.

Finished off my crock pot food. Did some laundry. Unloaded the dishwasher.

Just a sort of lazy day. Thinking about Holly.

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Anonymous said...

A great photo memorial of the sweetie-girl. Thanks for posting those. Thanks for all the love and cuddles you gave her.xoxomum