Saturday, February 8, 2014

honey, tangerine, maple sugar candy


It felt like a short day, and it was shorter than usual, but not so long. Boss left to do an install and will be gone snowboarding so Friday was going to be light. Don't want to run a bunch of stuff wrong, ya know? I weeded some things that are going to be applied to stuff. Cut some stickers. Ryan and Jeff ran the job.

Did a little art supply errand in the evening. It was a nice night to walk.


Jeff called and said I didn't need to come in to work, as they were all planning to leave at noon and there wasn't much for me to do. Yay! Day off from work, and I was already up and showered and dressed. I got in touch with Ryan to see if he wanted to hang out (he has irregular hours).

Oh, and it was raining. Rain rain, so much rain. But so much needed rain!

So I drove down to the Tannery, and met up with Ryan. We walked up to the Pogonip Trails and took a little hike. It was mildly raining, but not so bad. I occasionally used my umbrella. It was totally a Mom friendly trail. We had a few mountain bikers pass us, but none going at Nate speed. We hiked up the trail till 1, then headed back. I reclaimed my camera from Ariel (I left it in the car after the Welcome to Night Vale LA trip), and then Ryan and I headed downtown for food and fun.

We got out of the rain at Zoccoli's and had warm sandwiches. I introduced Ryan to the blessed existence of maple sugar candy. He had never had any! What a loss! We decided to catch the 4:20 showing of Monuments Men at the Del Mar, but as we had an hour to kill, it was book store browsing time! We ran into his friend Daniel who I think I may have met previously a while ago. I browsed cards, and looked at books, and made mental notes about books to get excerpts of for my Kindle. I'll still buy books, of course. I just...really like samples. There was a stop in at Logos too. No purchases, just browsing. I should get a proper book about David Hockney. He is one of my major art inspirations. I should know more about him.

Then movie time came around! Yay! And it was a good film. All the art destruction scenes had me in tears. It wasn't as flamboyantly cinematic as other war movies are, but in a way it didn't need to be. It felt like a good supplement to movies like Saving Private Ryan. Like, hey you've seen all this stuff already, so we don't need to take that route. It was more funny and endearing, but also heart breaking thinking of all the lost and missing art. A good, important film with many talented actors. I'd recommend renting it.

There was an hour between this movie getting out and the showing of the Oscar nominated animated shorts screening that was happening at The Nick, so we grabbed a quick beer at 99 Bottles. I checked off #91, which was Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Ale. VERY tasty, highly recommend it. Tasted like a beer orange.

The animated shorts were so good! I loved the Japanese one Possessions and the UK one Room on the Broom. Feral was disturbing. I hope either of those first two I mentioned win. They also showed some short listed ones, and the Irish one The Missing Scarf was brilliant. Very fun note to end a lovely day on.

I drove Ryan back to the Tannery.

And holy hell, I don't know if I've forgotten how to drive in the rain, or if Santa Cruz just has really terrible roads for rain driving! It was really hard to see the dividing lines. Don't worry! I went slow and all was well. Just like, dang. Santa Cruz also has really horrible road sign placement. No one told them to put the signs of the streets on the stop light pole above the intersection. Noooo it's way over to the side and you can't read it till you are half way through the intersection. It's an old gripe, but it's still a gripe.

What a day! I'd like more days like this, but OHHH I forgot, I also bought some local honey at the Homeless Gardening Project store front. We printed hats for them. I didn't buy a hat. But local honey is apparently good for allergies due to introducing local pollen into your body in a good way. So I'm going to try a spoonfull of it in the morning and evening, and see how my snuffles go. It's tasty stuff, either way.

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