Monday, February 3, 2014

can always count on Mom to comment on my blog

Edamame is just the best thing ever. Had a nice little lateish night snack of it.

At work I played Electric Six, Odd Owl, Gorillaz, and Beck. And finished with some podcasts when I was the last one there weeding vinyl. Almost done weeding!

I also counted out some shirts and sweatshirts. We got a huge shirt order in today, so we got some overhall print jobs coming soon. That'll be good. I also did two big banners, but they didn't need to be banner taped, so that's good!

At home I snacked. Watched Archer and Spoils of Babylon.

Now I shall cozy up into bed. Trying this whole getting to bed earlier thing, and being well rested. Also, reading is cool!

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