Sunday, February 2, 2014

winner winner chicken dinner

The Seahawks annihilated the Broncos, so that is awesome! I was refreshing the score and just saw it go up and up and up. Go Seattle! Go sports! I was wearing my Seattle socks and the only sports team shirt I own: Ravenclaw Quidditch.

The first thing I did in the morning was leave to get foodstuffs for crock pot cooking. Can't get too late a start when you have 8 hours of slow cooking ahead of ya. So I got the chicken going, then I showered and had some tea and breakfast. And I had some pasta later on. And some celery and creme cheese. And more tea. And some lemonade. I spent a lot of the day consuming food. But I think I've been eating light lately, so that's a good thing?? It's hard to find that balance of eating too much, and eating not enough to sustain my days energy. Either way, I have easy meals for the week! Yay!

It was rainy/moist in Santa Cruz! It's been a drought, so it some moisture has been much needed.

Bummed about Philip Seymour Hoffman dying. He was such a talented actor, and still relatively young in terms of having a great, full career ahead of him.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, so sad. Damn drugs ate up another young(ish) life and great talent. Plus three kids lost their dad. (mum)