Sunday, August 7, 2016

has it been ten years? really?

Oof I'm tired. Going to tuck into bed, well I'd say early but it's exactly the time I need to be tucking into bed.

Yesterday was a fine work day. Did the breakfast shift and then got onto rooms. Only two turns, with one needing some special care because there were 100% cotton sheets that needed pulling to go back to who borrowed them. And the fluffs took a while to move out of their rooms for us to make them pretty again.

After work I went over to the farmers market and hung out with Jeanette and Randelle and some others. Not a long hang, as I was tired and needed to get home to rest. But it's always lovely to see the crew! Ran was very surprised to learn how much I had aged.

At home I napped and napped hard. Morning shifts are no bueno for me.

Today was my reunion! I was a bit late getting out the door, but it didn't seem so bad that I got there a bit after the start date. Not many people were there (it was a pretty casual hang). Mostly those who had stuck around Kitsap. Talked a lot with Hillary and James and Ross and JC. Not much with the people that were all still friends with each other. I had a hot dog and a couple beers and had a few good conversations. There's some comic gold in there.

 Went home and visited Ma & Pa briefly.

Then went to Target and bought new lightbulbs, that were recommended on a blog as being good bulbs for makeup vanity type lighting. Much more blue and bright. And I swung by Trader Joe's. The comic shows me prepping a whiskey ginger, but I ended up not doing that. I'm just going to go to bed and have that whiskey ginger tomorrow. I bought some kefir and boy that stuff is sour. I'll try to finish the bottle but wow.

The lightbulbs are great! I put the 4th in my desk light and the light quality is much better.

Night night.

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