Friday, August 12, 2016

getting it done on the cheaper


Good two days at work. Had a full turn of all rooms and we busted through the bathrooms and floors and ended right on time. Ginger decked out all the rooms with our towels and stuff so when we got to the rooms they were ready to finish. Lots of work. Helped with some breakfast bits of the shifts.

On Thursday, after work I went to Port Angeles to take advantage of my Roos coupon at Payless. I grabbed my phone and wallet instead of my purse, and closed the door and went to hit the lock button on my keys and WHOOPS they were still in the car. I normally hand lock the driver's side on the way out. Anyway yeah. Called AAA and reupped my membership, and then asked for them to send me a locksmith. While I waited I got the mint green KangaROOS of my dreams! And they don't have the tricky to clean suede like my other Roos have had. And I got some socks and yoga pants, which were 50% off and that stacked with the 20% off. Hurray! So that was good. And my car was unlocked and I was off to do my thing again.
 Got a lot done today! Mowed the grass, washed my car, got some of the pitch that has unfortunately gotten on my car off the car, patched the boat, washed sheets and made bed, did other laundry, put things away. Still got a bit more to do but I knocked out a huge chunk of the clutter that has built up. And I took a nap midday and now it's 3am! I haven't been up that late in a while.

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