Friday, January 23, 2015

late twenties now


Woke up and slept in and had a late go of things. I wasn't even shoving breakfast in my face till 1ish. Dad had to get my flat tire fixed (my car got a flat!)

But yeah, I'm 27 now! Birthday! Whooo! I opened my presents on the 20th and there wasn't a party so like...nothing much happened and all that.

I drove out to Bremerton, but cruised through Poulsbo and picked up The Blazing World from Liberty Bay Books first. THEN I went and picked up Karen. THEN we met Ma and Pa at Anthony's in Bremerton for a birthday dinner. We all had the sunset special, and I went for the kabob. Bread! Then appetizer! Then salad! Then entree! Then dessert! Wow! And Mom presented me with the Palladiums that Nate & Helen got me! Nice all black shoes. Post dinner, I hung out with Karen at hers for a bit, and she handed me down some amazing clothes! She has such great style, and now I am more stylish! Low key birthday, but good to see K, and to get my car back.


Worked on site! Got these free kayaks on Craigslist, and there was a stampede to pick them up! And two people arrived at the same time and didn't want to share! I relayed my research on the print, and contacted a gallery to see if they wanted the piece. If only it was the Queen Aggie Daikon print that I saw in St Petersburg, Florida. I loved that Yuji Hiratsuka print. Funny how that artist came back around in my life.

I photographed jewelry and items and all that good stuff.

And then I went to Suquamish! Aaron and I grabbed pizza and watched Netflix.

Not working on site tomorrow, but I've got oodles to do.

I wore one of Karen's new dresses today. This stripey sort of retro frock with tights and my new shoes. Felt groovy.

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