Monday, January 26, 2015

At least I'm not scared of the dark...


Rolled out of bed and had some oatmeal and got laundry started, but I had to leave the house before folding it from the dryer. I set off for Port Orchard to see The Babadook at the Dragonfly! Ohh what a scary movie. I signed up for the VIP membership, so next time I'm at the theater I can grab my card and movies will be cheaper! Next movie will hopefully be A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

The projection of the movie was questionable at times, but still a very scary movie! And the lead actress plays Phryne Fisher, yet I couldn't have guessed that in a months worth of guesses. Excellent horror movie, I covered my eyes at several points, AND it is directed by a lady so go her!

Afterwards I was wandering around P.O. a bit and saw a piercing place and was like "might as well get my other ear done" so I went in and picked out a little tigers eye stud, and the people in the shop were really nice, and it hurt so much less than the piercing guns at Piercing Pagoda. Like barely hurt. Such an easy little thing.

I met up with Marcus at Hopjacks for appetizers and a beverage, and we caught up on film and the future and plans. Nice to hang.

I swung by Target and got some hair dye and nail polish, and then Walgreens for the saline spray to use to keep my ear hole clean. Then back home just a little bit more body modified. Folded laundry.


Did a bit more work from home. Watched TV. Dyed my hair. Took care of my ear. Hung out with Celia for a little bit. All in all, a pretty mellow day. Working on site tomorrow, so it's off to bed for me!

But I may not be on site again after that (for the rest of the week). Still have stuff to do at home.

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