Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ladies who lunch


Worked on site! And will work on site again on Wednesday. Things change so quick, but I'm open to it! Good to be not tricky. I mainly photographed things, and printed out more box labels. Pretty soon one of the rooms in the house will open up and I'll have more space to work in!

I got through three boxes, so that was pretty good.

I swung by McDonald's on the way home and got junk food for dinner. I know I KNOW bad food is bad for you. And the bridge was up, so that added another half hour to getting back home. I listened to podcasts and played with my phone till traffic got moving. There are a lot of cops out on the roads, probably because there are not that many roads for people to drive on and those kids dying really makes them wanna crack down on speeding.


Met Karen at Monica's in Silverdale for lunch and we had a really nice chat! One of those multi hour conversations about all sorts of things, and I was left feeling like I still had so much more to talk with her about! She's so great. One perk of being up in this area, is I have some of my old friends back in conversation. Santa Cruz was lonely like that. Sometimes you need at least one person around who has seen you through your awkward stages.

We walked down to the park and looked at the birds in the feed store (people were blocking our puppy access). AND she gave me another free dress! This one was a freebie from work that wasn't her style at all. It's silk and has this great stripe on it. We were both ace fashionable as well, her in black pants and slippers and striped sweater with lightly curled hair and dangly earrings. Me in black pants, shoes, shirt, with my blood orange jacket. The most fashionable gals this side of the canal!

I swung by Trader Joe's and BevMo and got gyoza and signed up for membership discounts. Don't know how often I'll be near BevMo but I do pass by Silverdale whenever I visit Seabeck. Didn't go too crazy at TJ's. I could have. But I didn't. Though I did eat all the potstickers tonight, in two batches. No more potstickers for me. Womp womp.

I edited the photos I took and burned a CD with some of the jewelry photography I've done, to give to one of our clients.

And I got a fire going. Got the house warm and toasty.

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