Friday, January 30, 2015

west virginia strikes again


Working at home continues! Did I mention that I was sent back to home work? I snacked. Made a fire. Worked on the documents and getting stuff onto the online shop. Not really the most taxing of days.


Worked some more from home but the main highlight was Dad! Dad came over to help haul some wood for firewood. I say help, he did most of the work. Some madrona had fallen, so we attached chains to some of the bits to the truck and pulled it out, and then cut it into smaller pieces ready for chopping. Got a good start to a new firewood stack going. We make a good team with all our hand signals, none of which are vulgar!

I also set out some glue traps to snag a mouse that has been in the dog room, and one of the traps got the mouse! But I...forgot to secure the trap. So it took some finding to locate the mouse. At which point we drowned it, just like I did in Missouri.

After our good day's work, we went to The Halfway House and got pie. I went for the chocolate which was tasty but not as good as the banana creme. I shall not speak of the crumble that Dad had.

He left while it was still daylight and I did my job stuff and had dinner and made a fire.

Now I've watched my TV and edited down the images I've previously torn from magazines, so that I can start a new compilation of images that I like. Gotta make a recycling trip soon. But first, more job work!

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