Saturday, October 31, 2015

a MAZE ing

Thursday & Friday

On site on Thursday! Got up early and hauled over to the Island and got to fiddle with the new camera taking photos and whatnot. Got a new DSLR camera at work. Damn it takes nice pictures. Need to learn the settings and brush up on what I learned in my various classes. But dang yeah, the new photos look great. Once we get proper lights for our set up, we'll be flying!

Departed work, got some fast food on the way home, got home and chilled and watched TV and stayed up a bit late.

Got out of bed early on Friday and did some work from home. Our eBay listings have been off the chain lately.

Then once I hit my deadline, I got dolled up and put on my cowboy boots and went to meet Karen at Pheasant Farms to do a corn maze! Whooo! And when I arrived I texted her and she said she was also in the parking lot...but I couldn't see her car. Turns out I was at the right farm, but she was thinking of the corn maze by the put put golf near Bremerton. How are there enough corn mazes in Kitsap to create such a corn maze confusion? But I was only 7 minutes away, so I drove over and we met up and did the maze! It was on her 30 Before 30 list, and it was pretty fun. We had to find six different locations within the maze and punch our card. Location #6 and #2 were very difficult! Not really an enter and find your way to the exit type maze. But lots of fun to walk around and talk and maybe take a few shortcuts.

Back at Karen and Rob's house, we had dinner and talked more and the house has some coats of paint on the interior. It's coming together! Had such a nice visit with my dear friend. We also talked about water heater problems and solutions. Such as what is up when you don't get enough hot water to fill a tub BUT the heater does trigger the too hot measuring thing.

Topped off the air in my tires, topped off the gas in my tank, and got some oil to top off the oil in my car tomorrow once the engine has cooled. Not a bad day at all.

I don't have any Halloween plans. I'll probably do some work, maybe see if Celia wants to watch some spoopy movies. Anyway, whooo so long October!

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